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The uniform consists of:

  • a navy blue jumper
  • a gold polo shirt
  • grey/black trousers/skirts/pinafore
  • black suitable shoes
  • summer dresses either blue or yellow
  • tailored shorts for summer in either blue, black or grey

Branded items are available for purchase from NK Sports. Whilst they stock our branded items, these are optional, and non-branded items can be purchased from other retailers so long as they are in the school colours.

Herons Moor Uniform Brochure

We also have 2nd hand uniform available to purchase. This is overseen by our Inclusion Team, but with the help of the PTA. At the end of each term, a sale is held at the end of the school day. However, 2nd hand uniforms will be available all year round if parents make contact.

PE Kit

The PE kit consists of:

  • a gold t-shirt or house colour t-shirt
  • navy shorts/jogging bottoms
  • black daps
  • children may wear trainers for PE instead of daps

Coloured PE t-shirts are available for Key Stage 2 houses.

Red – Terns
Blue – Puffins
Gold – Cormorants
Green – Gulls.